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NutriBase SE Option (for NutriBase Pro Editions)

Description: The SE option adds a web-based questionnaire to your web site. It's a web-based marketing tool. The idea is to get 100 hits a day, 700 hits a week, 35,000 hits a year. You gather contact information and personal information (like age, gender, height, weight, desired weight, etc.... a total of about a dozen facts). The NutriBase Pro Edition can import this data directly and log these folks in as clients. You can offer a monthly newsletter to these folks as an incentive for completing your brief on-line questionnaire. NutriBase can read this information and import it. The contact information goes into the NutriBase Contact Manager and the personal information is used to log each person in as a client. Once a client is logged into NutriBase, NutriBase makes calculations and "knows" 180+ things (calorie needs, nutrient goals, etc.) about that client. At this point, you can use NutriBase to generate a wide variety of reports for them. You can save these reports in PDF format and email them back or post them to your web site. The idea is to market your services to your contact list. For instance, if your client is 43 years old and weighs 500 lbs., your email newsletter would offer services that 43 year old 500 lb. person would be interested in. You can add the SE Option at a later date if you don't purchase it initially. :-)

The SE option is provides support for your web-based questionnaire and it is available as an add-on to the NB 2019 Pro Edition (NB19 Pro). After you purchase the SE Option, you will schedule the installation of the web-based questionnaire with us. To do this, just send us an email with two things in it:

1) The web address ("URL") for the web site where your questionnaire will reside, and

2) The email address you want the form to send an email to let you know when someone has answered and submitted your questionnaire.

After we receive this information from you, we will customize some files for you, then email you the files and some simple instructions for uploading them to your web site.

After you install these files as requested, we will test the questionnaire for you and finalize settings. Once this is done, we will send you an email to let you know your questionnaire is ready to use. We will also provide instructions on how to use it, how to import the data into NutriBase, and how to modify the look and feel of your new questionnaire page.

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