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The Nutrient Density View capability lets you display the nutrient values for say, 100 kcal "servings" of all fresh fruit in a spreadsheet view. This gives you an "apples-to-apples" comparison for all nutrients for hundreds or even thousands of fruits at once (NutriBase displays this nutrient data in a spreadsheet view).

Compare "apples-to-apples."
This feature makes it far easier to identify the foods that provide the highest nutrition per calorie. For instance, in a normal NutriBase spreadsheet view, you might view the nutrients for all fruits at once. This means you could be comparing the nutrients in say, a watermelon, with the nutrients in say a strawberry. In this normal view, it is difficult to determine which food is the richest source of any particular nutrient. But if you are using the Nutrient Density View, you'll be viewing the nutrients for, say, 100 kcal of the watermelon and the strawberry. This makes it much easier to determine which food is the richest source of any particular nutrient.

You can also specify the nutrients for, say, 100 grams of the food items being compared. You can specify comparison amount in kcal or grams as desired.

You can rank (sort) all foods in the Nutrient Density View.
If you want to know which of these 100 kcal fruit "servings" are highest in say, Potassium, just click the column header for Potassium to rank the fruits from high-to-low based on their Potassium values. To reverse the sort, just click the column header again. (Reversing the sort ranks the fruits from low-to-high based on their Potassium content.)

Clients who are restricting their calories need to obtain as much nutrition as they can from the calories they take in. This is a good practice even if you aren't restricting calories. The Nutrient Density View helps makes the RD's job not only easier... but better as well.

This web site includes a Help Topic for the Nutrient Density View.

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