How to use the Intermittent Fasting Diet Support
There is one option in the second Client Profile window you should be familiar with. It is the final option in the following drop-down menu: “Specify Daily Calorie Goals (enter your own daily values).

This option is the one to select if you want to set different calorie goals for each day of the week. This is a requirement for Intermittent Fasting Diets (IF Diets). An Intermittent Fasting Diet may require the subject to take in, say 600 calories on Mondays and Wednesdays, plus 2000 calories on each of the other days of the week. This option will allow you to specify different calorie levels for each day of the week.

Click the Finished button to have NutriBase calculate the weight loss per week, goal reached date, etc.

This topic updated 01/02/2016

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