NutriBase Support
The same folks who design NutriBase, listen to your suggestions, read your emails, provide you with answers to your questions, and work with the technical staff to add new features and to modify existing features are the ones who provide you with product support.

We provide phone support during our work hours. We provide email support 24/7.

Email us with your support questions at To optimize our efficiency and to accelerate the development of NutriBase software, we answer emails three times a day: first thing in the morning, mid-afternoon, and late evenings.

We provide free telephone support Mon - Thurs, 8-3, Arizona Time at 877-223-5459. Bear in mind that we can often provide step-by-step help via email and that sometimes that may be more helpful to you than a conversation.

We offer a 250-page PDF User's Manual and a hard copy User's Manual and our Help File is context sensitive. Click the blue "?" icons throughout the software to access help for the window you are in at the time. Click on the green underlined text for explanations... of the green underlined text.

We provide On-Line Help in the form of illustrated "How To" topics.

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