How Do the Cloud, Console, and Tracker Interact?
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Soon after you install your NutriBase Cloud Edition, you will license your NutriBase Desktop (to keep it from expiring).

After you license NutriBase Cloud Edition on your Windows computer, you will configure your NutriBase Emailer. (The Emailer is a feature of the NB Cloud Edition.)

While you are taking care of these first two chores, we will set up a business account for you in the NutriBase Cloud. After we enter your information, we generate some unique codes for you:

1) One set of codes are your Console Username and the Console Password. You will use these two values to register your NutriBase Client Console. This process connects your Console software to the proper account and location in the NutriBase Cloud.

2) The other code is your Tracker Activation. This code will activate your Tracker App on your smartphone. We provide you this free activation so you can learn all of Tracker's capabilities. This helps you get up to speed with Tracker and gets you ready to pass the NutriBase Certification Test. (Becoming a NutriBase Console Certified Coach will also qualify you to answer any of your client's questions about Tracker.) This Tracker Code is configured to work with your Console - the one you installed to your Windows computer. No other coach will be able to set up a business account and communicate with your clients.

Once you become a NutriBase Console Certified Coach, you can purchase and distribute your Tracker Activation Codes to your clients as needed. After they activate their NB Tracker App on their smartphone, they will be able to interact and communicate with you.

Tracker codes are keyed into your business account - you will communicate only with your clients and they will only communicate with you.

Only NutriBase Console Certified Coaches can purchase and distribute Tracker Activations.

Each coach will have their own NutriBase Cloud account and their clients will be tethered to them alone.

If it becomes necessary to move clients to another coach - as might be the case in the event of an acquisition - this must be done manually by CyberSoft, Inc. There will be a fee involved for this type of service.

This topic updated 12/21/2015

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