How to Implement your Business Plan
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NutriBase Cloud Edition provides the features of the previous NutriBase 11 Professional Edition. It adds access to half a million additional foods and supports the NutriBase Console which interfaces you to all of your clients who have installed NB Tracker to their smartphones.

This new way of working increases the number of clients you can manage effectively and efficiently. If you were able to manage dozens of clients previously, you should be able to manage hundreds of clients with the NutriBase Cloud Edition. This is an order of magnitude improvement in the number of clients you can manage. It's an opportunity to increase your bottom line without increasing the number of hours you work.

This web site includes an article that may give you some ideas for starting a private practice. Although you will have many of your own ideas, this article will cover a few ideas we've talked about over the years. If this is of interest to you, please read Marketing Yourself With Nutrition Software.

This topic updated 12/11/2015

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