How to Finalize Your Service Agreement
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We provide you with a sample Service Agreement in Word format.

We recommend you edit this document to make it suitable for your needs. After you make your changes, you can save it as a Doc file, then export is as a PDF file. Print this file and use it with your clients as the foundation for your relationship with them.

We offer a few suggestions to keep in mind when you edit your contract:

1) Consider including your client’s name in your agreement's title and its file name. Doing so will make it much easier to locate a particular Service Agreement amongst your dozens, hundreds, or thousands of clients.

2) Think about signing up to accept credit cards. Being able to take credit cards means you will be able to sign clients up on a convenient monthly payment plan. You charge them the initial sign up fee that covers the cost of the initial set up then hit their card each month for your on-going fees. Not having to invoice your client monthly makes collecting payments far easier for you and more convenient for your clients. In your agreement, have your client's agree to permit you to charge their card a recurring monthly fee for your professional services.

3) Consider offering a cash discount for prepayment. This saves you the time and effort involved in carrying out monthly card processing and notifications to the client. In your agreement, you may want to couple your discount with a “no refund” policy for up-front payments.

4) The “Service Provider” is the name of the owner or company that is providing the nutrition healthcare services. These services are enumerated in your Service Agreement (and you will be able to edit your agreement as desired). The “Coach” is the person that your clients interact with. "Service Provider" and "Coach" are often one and the same. If you are a single-person company, you might consider searching and replacing the term “Service Provider” with the term “Coach” in your final Service Agreement.

5) Look for text in the sample agreement that is red and have a closer look. These sections are likely to require editing to suit your specific needs. (Be sure to delete any red text from your final Service Agreement.)

6) During your initial consultation with a new client, ask the client to indicate the nutrition and health topics that interest them. Your Sample Agreement provides a list of topics your client can check. Asking about a client's "topics of interest" is often easier than asking them to reveal their personal health concerns. Of course, you can also ask them about any specific health concerns they have. You should transfer their areas of interest into your Console (in the Info Tab). This list will give you the opportunity to send your clients links to PDF Articles related to their interests.

7) Download your editable Sample Service Agreement (in Word Doc format) by visiting our Service Agreement Download Link.

This topic updated 12/05/2015

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