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Traditional Dietitians Trade Time For Money. This means that most dietitians can handle no more than a few dozen clients. This puts a serious cap on your earning potential. Corporate dietitians may serve more clients, but their compensation is often the same no matter how many clients they serve. Ever since Comparison Chartnutrition software programs debuted in the 1990’s, they’ve focused on providing more data, more capabilities, bells, and whistles. The number of foods and the quality of the data were hailed as the great virtues of nutrition software. But incremental improvements aside, there has been no profound improvement that helps you manage far more clients in far less time than you could before… until now.

Consider: You install the NutriBase Pro Edition software to your Windows computer. Your clients download the NutriBase “Tracker App” onto their smartphones. They go about their lives and use this app to record their daily food logs, exercise, weight, and diabetic factors. From the NutriBase software on your Windows desktop, you’re able to look over your clients’ shoulders 24/7. Your clients are now accountable for their behavior. If you were able to manage dozens of clients yesterday, you’ll be able to manage hundreds of clients today (more on this in a moment). You can target and help clients who are overweight, obese, and/or have diabetes. NutriBase is a game changer that will have profound consequences for you, your bottom line, and for the entire nutrition healthcare industry.

If your target market is the client who is overweight, obese, and/or has diabetes, the NutriBase Tracker app can help you by tracking basic nutrients and allowing you to see what your clients are doing on a daily basis. For all other needs, you can rely on the NB17 Cloud Edition for Windows... this desktop software will satisfy the needs for everyone - elite athletes, those with special nutritional needs, the overweight, obese, and those with diabetes - just without the smartphone connection.

The Cloud Edition: Four Interacting Components

1) The NutriBase Cloud - The Cloud resides on the Internet and facilitates data transfer and coach/client communications.
2) The NutriBase Desktop Software - This Windows software is the most powerful nutrition software you can buy. It provides access to nutrient data for a half million foods, generates food labels, and provides support for the “Client Console.”
3) The NutriBase Client Console - This component sits on your Windows Desktop and serves as your interface to all your clients with “NutriBase Tracker Apps” installed on their smartphones.
4) The NutriBase Tracker App for Smartphones - This app, installed on your clients’ smartphones, allows them to maintain food logs, track their exercise and activities, track their weight, and log their medications and blood glucose levels throughout the day.

Each of these components does its part to help you manage a large number of clients. With a group of NutriBase Certified dietitians, you can scale your business to handle thousands of clients. The NutriBase Pro Edition allows you to build a business with the potential to compete with (or out-compete) much larger traditional nutrition healthcare companies. This can help you bring more to your bottom line. Let’s see how this is even possible…

Personal Diet Apps Have Failed. As you know, two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. Millions of free “calorie counter apps” have been downloaded, installed, and presumably used. Yet, more Americans are overweight or obese since these free diet apps become ubiquitous. These apps don’t work for most people. If they did work, the obesity problem would be solved. Diabetes wouldn’t be an American epidemic. And all of us would look better, feel better, and live longer and healthier lives. The truth is that these diet software apps do everything you can think of to help users lose weight - except work. And there’s a good reason for this.

Accountability. Think about (or imagine) that time you hired a personal trainer. You signed an agreement that spelled out the responsibilities for both you and your coach. You didn’t miss workouts – you showed up. When your trainer told you to “do three more,” you did three more. You had a pact with your trainer – she did her part and you did yours. You were accountable. Now think about how a NutriBase Certified Coach works with clients: You sign a Service Agreement that spells out responsibilities for both you and your clients. Clients pay you an initial consultation fee and authorize you to take a monthly fee for your services. They install the Tracker App to their smartphone. You communicate with your clients daily. You coach them through their journey and you’re there for them whenever they need you. You are their coach. They are accountable to you in a way they would never be to a free, ad-supported, calorie counter app.

Real help for people with diabetes. people with diabetes using the NutriBase Tracker App for smartphones can save the data for the medication they take with their Meals and Recipes. Two hours later, clients can measure their blood glucose levels and adjust the medication dosages so that the next time they eat this combination of foods, their blood glucose levels will be closer to ideal. (Tracker can remind your clients when it’s time to take a reading.) This gives your clients with diabetes the opportunity to “dial in” the meds for each of their Meals and Recipes. This helps your clients create a large collection of Meals and Recipes with fine-tuned medication data attached. They can eat these on a moment’s notice without the need to re-estimate their dosages from scratch.

The Sorted Priority Queue. Whether you manage a hundred clients or a thousand, the Cloud Edition provides you the means to care for every client efficiently. Console displays your clients in a sorted priority queue. This priority queue assures that the client who most urgently needs your attention is listed first. The client who needs your help the second most urgently is listed second, and so on. You never need to wonder who you should be spending time with at any particular moment. Just help the first client on your list. Once you’ve taken care of this client (the normal action is to send them a text message via Tracker), they are tagged as having been “handled.” Then you move on to the next client in the queue. Having Console help you with decision-making saves you an incredible amount of time. And when you have hundreds of clients to monitor, time is your critical currency. Console optimizes your time usage by focusing your attention precisely where it belongs.

Comprehensive Client Information. When you double-click a name in your priority queue to send them a message, Console displays that client’s detailed data in a concise table. You see your client’s “crimes” (missed logs, number of times they exceeded their daily calorie allotment in the past week, etc.) plus their name, age, gender, email address, phone number, best time to call, height, activity level, start date, days on plan, starting weight, current weight, average weight loss per week, their daily calorie allotment, their goals, their issues, their up-to-the moment status, and so on. You also have a list of their Topics of Interest (from your Service Agreement). You have everything in front of you that you’ll need to draft a well-informed message. View this client’s detailed Food Log if you want. To send the client a message, click the Message button. To send an email, click the Email button. Click another button to select from 500 PDF articles you may want to send the client (based on their stated interests)

Communications. As a coach, you normally communicate with your clients by text messaging them through your Console. After reading your message, they simply dismiss your message. (NutriBase doesn’t encourage clients to reply and engage in lengthy conversations.) Your client can communicate with you using their Tracker app’s messaging page. You normally send a message to one client at a time, but you can also send a message to any or all selected recipients. This is a convenient way to make an announcement to all your clients in one pass or to send the same helpful advice to ten clients with the same issue. If you opt to use your integrated emailer, your messages can include links to 500+ PDF articles that deal with a broad range of health and nutrition-related topics. You can also email other attachments - like PDF reports that Console can create for your clients.

Flexibility. If you have nine partners, subcontractors, or employees on your team, the ten of you can work in ten different states or ten different countries. Your coaches can work from anywhere in the world, yet you all work as a team – as a unified and branded company. Clients can’t tell where their coach is physically located. Since all coach and client data is shared via the Cloud, if someone is out sick, another team member can cover for them. If you sell your business or merge with another provider, CyberSoft can help facilitate the data sharing requirements. If a coach leaves the company, a new coach could step in, update the coach’s information (in Console) and send a single message to all her clients announcing the change and introducing themselves.

Bye-Bye Brick and Mortar. With the Cloud Edition, you can create a company that manages thousands of clients. You won’t have to buy or lease a building - unless you want to. As long as your partners, subcontractors, or employees have a computer and Internet access, they can all work from home (or from their local coffee shop with wi-fi). You save the expense of providing offices. Your arrangement with subcontractors could specify that you pay a per-client fee and they are responsible for their own office, electricity, computer, Internet access, printer, phone, mileage, and all other expenses. This simplifies matters for you as the business owner. It leaves you more time and money to concentrate on marketing your services and signing up organizations and their clients.

Scalability. The Cloud Edition empowers you to create a business that can manage hundreds, thousands, and with proper staffing on your side - even millions - of clients. In this arrangement, you will concentrate on your core competencies - managing and caring for clients. And we will focus our competencies - managing our Cloud servers and scaling them to accommodate your expanding requirements - no matter how large you grow. You didn’t become a dietitian to deal with servers, connectivity, scalability, and technological issues. And because we handle the technical aspects of supporting the infrastructure for Tracker, Console, and communications, you have the freedom to work on growing your business and providing the industry’s best nutrition healthcare services.

Empowerment. The Cloud Edition is an enabling technology that makes it possible for you to compete with bigger companies for large numbers of clients. You can do this with a very small capital investment. Think in terms of hundreds of clients rather than dozens. Stop trading time for money. Add coaches and scale your business upwards without worrying about the technical issues. You - or your group - can manage the clients for an entire health club, spa, bariatric center, chiropractic office, medical practice, or hospital. Leverage your experience and scale upwards to reach into the world of corporate wellness. Offer a more cost-effective nutrition healthcare plan than your larger enterprise competitors can. Help an HMO significantly reduce their healthcare costs. Use the ROI numbers from your experience to persuade insurance companies to get on board with you. Serve millions. This is what we mean when we say NutriBase empowers you.

The NutriBase Pro Edition Is The New Best Way To Work With Your Clients. Your clients feel a great sense of accountability because they know you can look over their shoulder anytime day or night. The software multiplies your productivity by focusing your time and effort on the most important tasks before you. This productivity boost gives you a cost advantage that enables you to challenge larger and more established players in the nutrition healthcare industry. Collaborate with other dietitians and elevate your capabilities to a new, previously unattainable level. The NutriBase Pro Edition makes it possible for you to start and grow a business today that was out of the question for you yesterday. The killer app for nutrition healthcare has arrived. Some of you will seize this opportunity and begin changing the world. Others will wait to see how you do. So. Are you a waiter? Or a doer?

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