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Compare NutriBase to products costing $595 and up.
At CyberSoft, we've devoted over 25 years helping nutrition professionals like you help your clients. If you're not using nutrition software, your work may not be as accurate or as comprehensive as it should be. You may be working too hard and you may not be getting enough done. If this is the case, you're leaving money on the table. Have a look our NutriBase software... we think we can deliver a welcome impact on your bottom line.
If you're not using NutriBase, please click me now. Can your nutrition software do any of these things?
Synchronize your data (Food Logs, Recipes, etc.) across all your computers no matter where they are located?
Support collaborative workgroups with colleagues, chefs, or researchers around the world?
Click a button to determine your client's NBFTE (next best food to eat)?
Create publication quality U.S. Nutrition Facts Labels for your Recipes at no additional charge?
Create publication quality Canadian Nutrition Labels in French, English, French/English, or English/French?
"Cost" your ingredients so you always know what a single serving of any Recipe costs you to make?
Scale your Recipes to serve any number of people?
Single-click creation of a custom Recipe web page with photo and Canadian or U.S.Nutrition Facts Label?
Track Meals and diabetic factors to help clients learn to control their blood glucose levels?
Create and use specialized Recipes as building blocks to create Meal Plans for any special need?
Provide royalty-free Food Logging software to clients so they can record their own Food Logs?
Create PDF or printed client reports for hundreds of nutrition-related topics - add new content as desired?
Install and use software on up to three computers with a single user's license?
Format and export your Recipes into a word processor formatted cookbook (or booklets for clients)?
Support for a Nutrient Density View to view the nutrient content of foods per calorie or per gram?
Auto-include comments in your reports that list rich sources of nutrients for deficient diets?
Access a research quality database?
Include photographs with your Recipes so colleagues and duplicate not only the taste but the look as well?
Share Recipes, Meals, and Meal Plans by email, with downloads, or by synchronizing via the Cloud?
Access brand name data for 1,200+ different brand names?
Manually backup your data or have the software schedule automatic data backups?
Include before, during, and after photos for your clients or yourself?
Automatically include alerts in your reports that warn of toxic levels of specific nutrients?
Access nutrient data for over 6,000 menu items from national restaurants?
Ability to specify different calorie goals for each day of the week to support IF (Intermittent Fasting)Diets?
Does the software's database serves as the foundation for over three million nutritional information books?
Email clients their Food Logs, Recipes, or Meal Plan reports as PDF files from within the software?
Support for group studies involving hundreds or even thousands of participants (with export to Excel)?
Use a web-based questionnaire to generate leads and market your professional services on your web site?
Support clients with indirect calorimeters, heart rate monitors, and pedometers?
Track and graph body fat content as well as body weight over time?
Accurately forecast the date when clients will reach their goal body weight?
Ability to include your business's contact information and your photograph if desired on your client reports?
Ability to view data for hundreds of foods at once (rather than one food item at a time)?
Ability to rank all foods in a displayed spreadsheet view by simply clicking the nutrient's column header?
Ability to assign keywords to Recipes, then retrieve them using these keywords?
No annual fees or subscription fees - product support provided without charge in perpetuity?
Who uses NutriBase? Thousands of companies large and small!
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